BREAKING NEWS: An explosion has been reported at Latema-Tom Mboya junction.


An explosion has been reported in the Nairobi CBD around the Latema-Tom Mboya street junction. The explosion happened at around 7:30pm today.

According to witnesses, a man was ferrying goods on a trolley stopped outside the Smoothers Restaurant and a few minutes later the device went off.

On the trolley pusher’s account, he said a lady asked him to ferry goods for her and on their way to the destination the lady told him she’s going to pick her national identity card from a nearby shop and 8 minutes later the device went off injuring one person. The injured man, who is a books and newspaper vendor, has been ferried away to hospital by a red cross ambulance that responded a few minutes after the incident.

This comes after the Dusit D2 attack that happened a few days ago claiming 21 lives. This also comes approximately 24 hours after the American Embassy issued a security warning

Stay tuned for updates on the explosion. Stay safe.


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