5 Things Men Hate on First dates That Women Keep on Doing


  • Always leaving the man to lead the conversation

This is the first cardinal sin of first dates women always make. It is a meeting of equal parties the man wants to know about you just as you want to know about him. It makes no sense to let the guy do all the talking since it makes you appear disinterested, cuts out all the fun and it is the easiest way to dull a date and never get the phone call back

  • Say what you mean – courteously

Ladies try to hide their opinions on about what they want expecting the man to figure it out but that just leaves room for misinterpretation. If you want something or are expecting something be honest and avoid latter disappointment and stress. That however it does not mean you be mean or dismissive of a guy’s opinion or judgment.

  • You are what you eat

It great to put your best foot forward when on a date but go easy when it comes to food and drinks. Do not overdo your selection and it is better if you give the dainty foods a pass. Get food you are comfortable with and which allow for fun without attracting too much attention to yourself. Don’t be a show off or a rip off.

  • It pays to pay or at least attempt to

Any man inviting you to a date should and most often will be the one paying. However, as you would have been told by your aunties, it is important that you come prepared with your own cash. It speaks a lot about you when you offer to pay and even if he denies, should you have a drink or snack later do offer to pay. That way you genuinely seem interested and you earn respect.

  • Don’t Bring up your ex or talk smack about anything

Whether having a good time or a bad time, whether an innocent remark or not, just do not bring up your ex(s). Worse is those who think they can pass it off as a complement. The guy knows he is going to be judged by every action of your ex and it shows you are not over stuff. The next close thing is talking smack about people whether celebrities, bystanders or the news, be moderate in your expressions even when displeased.

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