No Jokes This Time As Bahati Finally Weds His Prayer Partner and Love of His Life


The Kenyan showbiz scene has been treated to a number of sham weddings in recent times only for them to turn out to be music video shoots. Admittedly the desire to see the celebrities tying the knot has made fans easy to hoodwink. One of the eagerly awaited weddings has been that of Bahati ever since he got serious with his fiancée Diana Marua.

Early reports indicated that the couple had postponed their wedding plans after Diana became pregnant. The ongoing political dispute and elections date also played a hand in delaying a planned big wedding venue. With the couple looking to avoid the already wagging critics of having a child outside wedlock, they decided to have a traditional wedding instead. The wedding was a low key event that even close associates and friends were not aware of.

To the couple however, the relief was clear as they now no longer have to field questions of being a Christian couple in an ‘unholy’ union. Details of whether they plan for a white wedding latter have not yet been revealed but expectations are that it will happen in the near future.

Announcing the wedding to the public, this is what Bahati had to say;

“IT’S OFFICIAL… Thank You Jesus. She is Lawfully Mine. Now let the babies come.”

Diana Marua was very relieved to shed of the Miss Title saying;

When the Title Mrs is no longer a miss now.

All credit goes to God! This picture doesn’t speak half of what God is doing for us even when we didn’t do all what we were needed to do, He still kept us. The Joy that is in my heart is unmeasurable and unspeakable. Thank you God!”

Fans and friends flocked to their different social media accounts to congratulate the couple.

Here is the couple after the wedding.


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